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Imagine this: You’re a Jewish runner dealing with runner’s pains.

You walk into a CBD shop located in the heart of Brooklyn and pick up a bottle of CBD spray tailor-made for runners, with a kosher seal no less. You head to the counter to pay and discover that the proceeds of your purchase are actually going to support an international organization that helps children with special needs.

Sounds like a dream, no?

Well, thanks to Kosher CBD, this scenario happens on the daily. Mendy Sacho, a longtime runner, Friendship Circle supporter, and CBD advocate, launched his Kosher CBD brand in 2018 and hasn’t looked back since. Now, he’s launching a new product: his Kosher CBD runners’ spray, with proceeds to benefit the Friendship Circle.

“I’m a runner for Team Friendship, and I participate in pretty much every one of their events,” explains Sacho. Unfortunately, he says, they’ve missed out on quite a few of their annual events due to COVID, which means they’re losing crucial funds and support. Sacho wondered how he could help when he hit on an idea.

Why not merge his passions of running, helping others, CBD, and friendship? “I enjoy helping people, which is primarily why I started this CBD company,” Sacho shares. “This product helps runners, I’m a runner myself, and I run for Friendship Circle, so why not join all my passions and abilities in a way that will help many people at once?”

The Kosher CBD Mint Spray  HELPS TO SUPPORT muscle inflammation, which makes it a popular item at the CBD shop. Sacho hopes the sales from the spray will help the Friendship Circle and Team Friendship bridge the gap of losses incurred due to canceled events. 


The Kosher CBD Mint Spray retails for $85 and can be purchased HERE


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