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CBD Ultimate GUMMIES 600MG (Pack of 3)

CBD Ultimate GUMMIES 600MG (Pack of 3)

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CBD Ultimate GUMMIES 600MG (Pack of 3)


60 mg per Square 

10 gummies per bag

At 90MG per square, it's the highest potency CBD gummy on the market. For experienced CBD users only, use with caution. 

KOSHER CBD GUMMY SQUARES feature all of the incredible benefits of CBD packed into a fruity, tasty, chewy treat. Made fresh to order and small-batched in an artisanal bakery, our CBD gummy squares will feature a unique texture and consistency. With mouth-watering flavors like blue raspberry, lemon tart, and wild berry, it’ll be hard to just have one! OK KOSHER certified. Contains Fish Gelatin.

Ingredients: Cane sugar, Light corn syrup,
water, gelatin (fish) sorbitol, hemp extract,
natural flavorings, cornstarch
  • Full Spectrum is an extract that features hemp in its purest, most unprocessed form. This extract contains all of the beneficial cannabinoids present in hemp: CBD, CBN, CBD, CBDa, CBC, CBG, and more. Hemp naturally contains a small amount of THC, so full-spectrum extracts will contain trace amounts of this compound, but always under the legal limit of .2%.
All you need is one! Monitor how you feel after administration and adjust your dose accordingly.


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