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Delta Heights

Kosher Delta-8 600mg Chocolate

Kosher Delta-8 600mg Chocolate

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*Please Check with your state before ordering to see if d8 is legal in your area*


30 mg per Square 

20 chocolates per bag

At 30mg per square.

KOSHER DELTA 8 CHOCOLATE  SQUARES feature all of the incredible benefits of delta packed into a cready, tasty, chocolate  treat. Made fresh to order and small-batched in an artisanal bakery, our delta 8  chocolate  squares will feature a unique texture and consistency. 

Mehadrin Kosher

All you need is one! Monitor how you feel after administration and adjust your dose accordingly.



Delta-8 Shipping Restrictions:
If a delta 8 item is added to the cart with a state in the shipping address that doesn’t allow Delta 8, the order won’t be able to be placed until the delta 8 item is removed from the cart or the shipping address is changed to a state that delta 8 is legal.


Kosher Certification Document

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